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9 Things to consider prior to moving from a Home Office to a Commercial Office Space

Posted by cres on 18th January 2017
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Many successful small businesses are based out related to the home offices. You may have started your company from home to save some money, have more flexibility, or receive tax benefits. It’s even more possible that you can continue to effectively and efficiently manage your business in that way indefinitely. But there may come a point when your business becomes too large or complex to operate efficiently out of your home office.

Also working from home office for a growing business will be impractical within the business perspective. As your business grows, you will need more employees and eventually your lounge room will probably not be comfortable for all of you.

Your home-based workplace served you well within the past, however currently that you just have accomplished the necessity to expand, your converted area could not prove sensible. You may need to move out of your home office space and establish commercial office space that may function your official base of operations which may prove easier said than done, however, thus to help you with the large move.

“Moving into a commercial office may become a necessity as your team grows and client meetings will increase in number and frequency”

Know your right time to move your home office to a commercial office space. So, here are a few tips to consider prior to moving into a new office space:

Determine your finances – As everyone who runs a business would understand that overhead kills. Getting into a commercial office space in Bangalore will increase your overheads, so therefore you need to ensure you discover a space which is more cost-effective. You need to predict your future income to cover all of the costs spent throughout the lease, especially during slow months.

Consider your options – The amount of options for commercial space is actually larger than you may think! There is the choice of hiring “hot desks” at a coworking space, which is where you hire work stations and each & every station has its own computer/laptop. This is probably one of the most affordable options. Orelse, you have many options of looking at co-working office spaces which have even offices and studios; these are also usually more typically affordable and great if you are still in the growing phase with a few no of employees.

Choose your location wisely – The location of your new office space is most important for your business! You need to choose it very wisely. Do you want it close to your home or do you need that you are actually leaving your home in the morning and moving to work? You also don’t want it too far away that you are commuting half your life away.

Start with smaller steps – Small steps are all that is required when initially finding a commercial space. There is absolutely no other reason to move into an expensive place in the best part of your city and also if it is not in your budget. If your business keeps growing, you will be able to go in their eventually.

Make the time to move – We understand minimizing downtown during the move is incredibly vital. We tend to recommend moving after hours or during the weekend to ensure that no work time is wasted to create the move.

Hire professionals for help– Hiring professional office service providers will save you from potential injury from lifting your heavy items and it will also save you a lot of time!

Choosing Perfect Office Space – Choosing perfect office space in less time would be a stressful especially for business owners. Cres Advisors offers customizable office space in Bangalore with business centers, fulfill most commercial requirements. They can be rented or leased and accessed all across Bangalore and our business experts will help you in choosing the best commercial office space for you!

Inform your clients of your new contact information – As soon as you know you are moving to new office space location, you need to start sharing every one of your new office space updated details.

Organize electricity and internet before you move– This is often very important. You need to organise your electricity and internet at least 6 weeks prior to your move! Power firms are notoriously known for not having your power on in time, so it is incredibly important to follow them to make sure everything will be connected on move day.

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