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Where should you locate your business in Bangalore?

Posted by cres on 7th June 2016
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The current business scenario in India is very dynamic. There are major changes happening across industries, and trends everywhere forecast an upward growth in all major sectors. The overall positive investment sentiments, ‘Make in India’ initiatives reiterate the government’s eagerness to push growth. This is good news for businesses, since it means an increased sale of products and services and in turn the maximizing of revenue.

The internet is one of the prime reasons for this rapid expansion of businesses and movement of goods and services, across countries and continents. The net can be credited with making the world increasingly globalized. Despite all its positives however, an online presence is only matched by the physical location of its offline self.

Gordon Selfridge of London’s Selfridges can be quoted all these years later, when he pinned the success of his business on ‘the location’ of his store. The location of a store can be the single most likely reason for an increase in business, to build credibility, gain customers/clients, increase accessibility and vice versa.

The location of a business has a phenomenal impact on its growth. This is because;

• A physical location conveys dependability. It means that the client is in for the long haul.
• Clients entrust their hard earned money into the hands of businesses, and unless well known (like Amazon and Flipkart), like to do so, after meeting and engaging with the people behind the business.
• Location builds recall value, makes the space/store more relatable and physically connected.
• Location also is a form of physical branding. An office space can be designed to reflect the sensibilities and creativity of its owner and occupants.
• The location of a store in a particular area also lends its own credibility to the business.

In a busy and fast growing city like Bangalore, the location of a corporate/retail/ business space can make or break a brand and its business.

If you consider the Central Business District, MG and Brigade road feature some of the most established brands, such as Nike, Reebok and Allen Solly. With a higher real estate value, prime location and ability to attract people from all across the city, the area is a major commercial hub and home to retail businesses, many of a similar nature.

Marathahalli, Hebbal and areas along the ORR, on the other hand, attract a large crowd of start-ups and new businesses. The scope for expansion, availability of customized and versatile real estate options, constant flow of people and relatively affordable office spaces make these areas an attractive location for offices.

Whitefield and Electronic City have always attracted the IT crowd. Large, established IT companies such as Accenture, HCL Technologies and Dell, offer a wide variety of tech related work options, also providing complete living amenities in and around for families.

Areas such as KR Market, Majestic and Shivajinagar are perfect for small and medium businesses in retail. Businesses, both old and new are set up with a view to attract a population that makes bulk purchases and visit such stores to source raw materials.

As observed, choosing the right location can make the difference between your business flourishing or sinking without a trace.

Cres Advisors understands your need for great office spaces, ones that not only come with great amenities, but also in great locations that fit in with your brand, business and budget. We have a multitude of flexible office spaces, fully furnished, semi furnished and bare shell. Since hunting for these spaces is the last thing on your mind, we will do it for you, sourcing out what fulfils your brief and ties into your needs.

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