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An office space defines an organisation’s image. The success in picking the right property to buy or rent is based on strategy, market intelligence and the potential of the real estate to appreciate and add long-term value. At CRES, our Leasing Management professionals help corporates take the right decisions right from acquisition and all the way to disposal.

  • Owners or institutional investors  derive great benefit from our complete and integrated knowledge of office markets and tenants. We are always a step ahead in the game and ensure we share this advantage with our clients. Adequate knowledge and timely action are key while managing properties to enhance their value and achieve best rental rates. Even at the time of sale, we connect with the right buyers so that the transaction is managed professionally and comfortably.
  • For Companies that own or lease office space, we are committed to understanding business and financial goals in order to provide the best portfolio. We advice clients keeping in mind the property’s ROI, its capability to drive production and its ability to align with business goals.

Tenant Representation begins with trust. The CRES’ Tenant Representation experts take care to identify strategic business, financial, and operational objectives and align them with real estate requirements. Whether we are extending support with acquisition, renewal, relocation or consolidation services, CRES’ Tenant Representation services are distinguished by our in-depth knowledge of global markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities. This is why it is easy to place trust in us.

Tenant Representation services include strategy development, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, logistic/distribution services, market analysis, cost of occupancy analyses, and negotiations. We work with tenants around the world to meet their requirements, be it a single office or a global portfolio, including renewal or relocation.


With our wide and reliable network in place, competition for tenancy in the market is easily created to ensure the most favourable terms are awarded by the landlord.


We provide assistance through market forecasting, strategic problem solving, expertise in leasing and leveraging opportunities in the marketplace to secure the most advantageous transaction structure.


Strategy Development

Strong Relation with Landlord


Creative Market Approach

Building Trust


Value Addition

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Property acquisitions, sale, development, sale and leaseback are all transactions managed by the CRES Agency team. We provide complete and comprehensive service to occupiers, landlords, investors and developers alike. Our objective is to optimize their real estate strategy and maximize returns by providing unique opportunities on a case to case basis.

  • Acquisition
    Buyers interested in seeking investment or expansion opportunities can rely on our compelling market intelligence to acquire premium properties for short, medium or long term gains.
  • Development/Redevelopment
    Our combined service structure assists in consolidating all requirements with one source. In case of development by way of purchase of new property or redeveloping existing property, CRES helps clients maximize their returns while minimizing risks.
  • Sale and leaseback
    CRES tailors solutions for each occupier, ensuring sale and leaseback of property is managed to produce the best financial returns, while safeguarding the interests of parties concerned.
Lease space

In a fast moving market, where time is of the essence CRES stands apart in offering quick turn around times, assisted by reliable market intelligence and top-notch service solutions.
We lease and purchase all types of office accommodations including multi-tenant buildings, Special Economic Zones (SEZs), business and office parks, and even combined or mixed-use office spaces. We are committed to offering innovative and well-researched transaction structuring, cutting-edge marketing and financial expertise to secure the best possible results when leasing offices.

  • Lease or Purchase We help clients make an informed decision between leasing and purchase of office space using a balanced and well-researched database of real-time market information. Is the market ripe for buying or selling? Leasing or owning? We help in making the right choice.
  • Landlord Solutions
    Development decisions, renting, purchasing and sale of buildings by landlords – CRES assists clients to help them realize the potential of real estate assets.
  • Strategic Planning
    We aid in aligning the tenant’s objectives with their real estate strategy to deliver intelligent solutions that identify and maximize opportunities worldwide.
  • Advisory and Planning
    We offer comprehensive and in-depth research and analysis to enable clients to make fully informed decisions regarding all options available for an investment.